This is Agua Via’s mission: providing abundant, pure water for all at the lowest energy use, and at greatly reduced costs.

Abundant, pure, low cost water is the basis of human health, prosperity, and peace.  Water is the basis for agriculture, industry and daily living. 

Worldwide, water is increasingly scarce and increasingly polluted. Today, cleaning up the very small and dangerous contaminants, or taking salt out of seawater is energy intensive and expensive. The challenge is to provide the world with high purity water at low energy and low cost from any potential source.

Agua Via is bringing to market the ultimate low energy/high purity technology based on unique, one-atomic-layer thick membranes capable of delivering high purity water for domestic use, industry and agriculture by purification, wastewater remediation and desalination at the lowest energy possible under physical law from any water source, no matter how contaminated. By delivering an ultra-low energy solution in a small package that replaces large plants, everything from large municipalities to small towns and rural agricultural areas can benefit from high volume, low cost, high purity water at affordable prices. 

On schedule for first installations in 2020, our initial appearances will be in California to help farmers dealing with drought, and in India to help provide clean drinking water in villages. We look forward to this being just a small first sign of the difference we can make in the world’s water issues.

In 2007, the chairman of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation, HRH Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, analyzed how Africa’s entwined problems of water, food production, energy and ecosystems impact directly on each other, and compared them to a Rubik’s Cube: Everything depends on everything else. One twist in the right direction – for food production, for instance – may have an immediate, negative impact on the other side of the Cube, on the environment or drinking water supply. That makes matters so difficult....It would be smart to sort out the blue side (sic, water) first.

…Agua Via is starting on the blue side. With innovative biomimetic technology, we also help food production, energy and ecosystems.