Mix & Match Customization with Programmable Pores. Not only can the membranes be customized to produce the desired product water, these membranes can also be customized to other characteristics of your feedstock water. As well as producing high purity water, the goal is reduce or eliminate pre-treatments, post-treatments and maintenance requirements.

The membrane is built by assembling components to give the desired performance.  It is the standard automobile assembly process, but on the atomic scale:  pick your model, pick your exterior finish, and pick your interior package. 

How customizing your membrane works:
1. Define your desired product water. Then choose the best pore from the Pore Library.
2. Test your feedstock. Using a specially designed testing disk, test your feedstock to determine the best surface chemistries to prevent fouling and scaling.
3. Are additional capabilities needed? Can we engineer in a solution at the atomic scale?