Our team


Jeremy Pelczer, Chairman. Former CEO of Thames Water, Former CEO and President of American Water, Previously Chair of the charity Wateraid International and currently Chairman of UK based Sutton and East Surrey Water plc

 Stephen Howard, CEO, experienced in taking technology from the laboratory into the field, establishing manufacturing and building supply chains

Martin Edelstein PhD, CTO, and creator of the one-atomic-layer thick membranes on which Agua Via products are built, is overseeing the productization of the technology to produce the desalination product. He has taken multiple pharmaceutical products through the US FDA, a process similar to taking product through the EPA and international equivalents. 

Gayle Pergamit, Marketing Director and also CEO of Covalent, represents expertise in the introduction of disruptive technologies.

Ian Blake Thomas


Advisors to the Board

Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz

 Floyd Wicks, previously CEO of American States Water, a NYSE company, has water industry experience in multiple States throughout the USA and was President of the National Association of Water Companies, a trade association representing the private water sector in the USA

Technical Advisory Group:

 Tony Rachwal, Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board, former head of Thames Water R&D, Industrial Business Fellow (Water) at the University of Surrey, and a member of the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

Mark Lechevallier, Technical Advisor. Currently VP and Chief Environmental Officer, American Water.

Chris Rockey, Technical Advisor. Currently head of Water Quality at UK based South West Water.